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The insulated glass is made with Warm Edge Super Spacer – www.superspacer.com from Edgetech Industries. The silicone, all-foam formula of Super Spacer is proven to be less conductive, blocking heat from escaping or entering through the glass edge, providing optimal thermal performance and the lowest U-Value among dual-seal systems.

The sun produces short range radiation; all other methods of heat production produce long range radiation, example: the heaters in your home, your stove, body heat, etc…

As soon as sunlight hits the ground or grass, sidewalks, streets or any other object it turns into long range radiation just like your heater produces.

The way it all works is like this.

Low e deflects long range radiation, (the heat produced by your heating system or other sources of heat). Meaning it does not pass through glass with a low e coating.

In summer, the sun is high up in the sky and therefore most of the sunlight that hits your glass has already first hit the ground and has turned into long range radiation. Low e, because it deflects long range radiation, keeps your house cooler in the summer months and helps keep down your air conditioning costs.

In winter, the sun is far away and therefore low on the horizon. For this reason most of the sunlight is able to shine directly on to your windows, and into your home. Because low e is designed to deflect only long range radiation and not short range, the short range sunlight penetrates your low e glass, hits your furniture, carpet, etc… and becomes trapped in your home.

Manitoba Hydro Power Smart program recognises low e as added value to new windows.
Manitoba Hydro Power Smart program lends money to home owners to upgrade their windows provided they add low e.