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At Karufa Window and Door we offer high-quality affordable PVC replacement windows for home-owners in Winnipeg and surrounding areas. We understand that Manitoba homeowners are looking for windows and doors that perform in all weather conditions.  Unfortunately, the minimum up-to-code windows will not keep their appearance after a few winters and they are harder to maintain. Fortunately, our staff of professional window installers can help make sure your replacement windows won’t have to be replaced again for a very long time. We pride ourselves on offering only the best windows for the cold Manitoba winters. Karufa offers many great options to fit your home, such as Picture, Casement, Awning, Single Slider Lift, Double Tilt Slider, Single or Double-Hung Tilt, our “New” basement 4800 series Hopper window that actually works, and specialty shaped and sized windows. We only carry top-of-the-line products. See more of our work in our photo gallery.