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Replacement Windows for Home Resale

Are you planning on moving in the next 5 years?  If so, consider replacement windows and doors are a great way to increase the resale value of your home. This is a great way to also make sure your home sells faster than its counterparts in the same area. Everything else being equal, a house with brand new windows will sell faster on the Winnipeg market compared to a house with older windows or old wooden doors.

Give your home’s prospecting buyer a sense your home is well maintained by improving the curb appeal with replacement windows. They help give a great first impression and are definitely a great selling feature. The investment in replacement windows will, in turn, help you sell your house for more money.

With home resale in mind, remember the following:

  1. Everyone’s tastes are different, and the windows you prefer may not be what the market wants.  See what’s trending by asking your local window company which products sell the most.  
  2. It is important to prioritize functionality.  Taste can be debated, but you can’t argue against a practical product.
  3. Don’t go for the most expensive windows. Find a happy middle ground where you can improve the look of your home while keeping your renovation budget in mind.

Replacement Windows for Energy Savings

Window panes coated with energy-saving film stand out because of their considerable potential for saving heat energy.
Triple glazing is also a great option if heat loss is a concern.

With energy-efficient windows, you will save money all year round.   These types of products allow you to keep the heat inside during the winter, and keep the heat outside during the summer.

Cold and Hot Climates windows in Winnipeg

Here is an article from the government of Canada on replacement windows for energy saving.

Replacement Windows for Improved Security

Older homes with windows that have not been updated for many years can easily be opened from the outside. This may be very useful when you forget your keys, but for most people us, keeping the troublemakers out is a little more important.  If safety is a big concern for your family, a casement window is a great solution. It is practically impossible to open a casement window from the outside without breaking the glass.  An aluminum casement is also more resistant than a PVC one.

Additionally, Karufa Window and Door carries an optional special glass that has been sprayed with a thin film that promotes the disbursement of the energy from an impact. This thin film is surprisingly efficient, and keeps your window from breaking, even if someone hits it as hard as they can with a baseball bat. 

Replacement windows vs Replacing only the Glass

You may be experiencing a bad case of window fogging or cracked windows, but this doesn’t mean that you need to replace the entire window. You can save yourself some money by reusing the window case and only replacing the glass.    

If you are looking for only replacement window glass and are considering doing the work yourself, here is an article from Family Handyman on how to do it yourself.

How to replace your Windows Glass