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PA bay window is not just another window. It contains three or more lites, and projects outside the home. A bay window completely transforms the interior and exterior of your home.

Bay windows fill your home with natural light and are a stylish alternative to large picture windows. They extend your view and create the perfect nook in your favorite space. Bay windows make a great addition to a living room or master bedroom.
Bay windows open up a room, making it seem more spacious and letting in more light. The angled window lites allow breezes to circulate through the room, particularly during cool spring or fall days.

This type of window adds about three feet of space to a room, which can be used as shelving, seating, or even as a walk-in extension to the room. Thanks to the multiple daylight angles, they are also ideal for houseplants.

Bay windows can also improve your home’s curb appeal. Most people consider them very attractive, and the increased floor space adds value to your home.

Bay windows accentuate the view by dividing it into different planes. Each window has three lites: a picture window lined up straight with the wall and two angled lites, usually smaller, on either side. People often consider the angular lines and flat planes of a contemporary bay window more appropriate for modern homes.

With a bay window in your home you have the advantage option of a 180 degrees view from your home.

Available with casement or single hung windows in the following styles: 30° bay, 35° bay, 45° bay and everything in between is customizable.

Bay windows are an attractive feature on any home, but they should be carefully considered before being installed. Once you do make that decision, be sure to have them professionally installed to ensure you get maximum enjoyment from them.

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